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nabij  Barrio Almirante Brown, Tierra del Fuego (الارجنتين)

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    camposdar 14-feb-2012

    Disculpame, pero... q tenes para describir del viaje! suena interesante!! en q te basaste para decir q es de dificultad Muy dificil?

  • patomosti 15-feb-2013

    El Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego informa que la senda al Lago Alto no está habilitada al público. En esa línea, se advierte que sí el personal del Parque Nacional detectará la presencia de personas en esos lugares, se les aplicará una multa. The Tierra del Fuego National Park inform that the use of this trail is not allowed. Consequently, you are subjet to a fine if you are found using it.

  • Diego-MO 26-dec-2014

    Can you tell me why you regard this route as Very Difficult? I know some parts of this route and I don´t think they are so bad at all. I am particularly interested in the leg from Laguna del Caminante to Lago Alto. Regards

  • Snafu2000 26-dec-2014

    Mostly because of the bushwhacking between camp 1 & 2 and camp 3 & 4. There´s no trail between camp 1 and 4, except for a very short part. Also, I need to mention that I did the 70 kilometers and more than 4000 meters of altitude in only 4 days. day number 5 was very short. If you take your time, it will be easier. It is a wilderness hike and not the Fitz Roy range. When you leave the Laguna del Caminante area, you won´t meet some else for the rest of the hike.

  • patomosti 26-dec-2014

    The trail from Laguna del Caminante to Lago Alto, IS NOT Allowed to public. This trail is in a Strict Nature Reserve, and you are subject to fines. Please, Abstain your self of breaking National Parks rules. Thanks you. Have a nice day.

  • Diego-MO 26-dec-2014

    Thanks everybody for the info. Regards.