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318 m
73 m
4,09 km
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nabij  Mýrar, Vestfirðir (Ísland)

Located on either side of the fjord Dýrafjörður are two mountains named Sandafell and Mýrafell which, with a bit of imagination, seem to resemble upside-down boats. Growing up in Þingeyri Sandafell was my stomping ground in childhood but until 2009 I had never climbed Mýrafell across the fjord. The hike along the mountains spine (or "keel") is easy - I wish I had had the time to do a complete transit and return on the seaward side of the mountain. Regrettably all I had time for was the walk to the highest point (which is NOT where the visitors' book is located) and back. The view from the summit is far nioer than the 312 metre elevation would seem to imply, it is especially nice to look across the fjord towards Þingeyri. I hope to upload some pictures later ...


    Moeilijkheidsgraad: skill Gemakkelijk

    Tijd:  2 uur 11 minuten

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    Geüpload: 15 augustus 2009

    Uitgevoerd: augustus 2009

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