• Foto van Aljustrel - Barranco do Velho
  • Foto van Aljustrel - Barranco do Velho
  • Foto van Aljustrel - Barranco do Velho
  • Foto van Aljustrel - Barranco do Velho
  • Foto van Aljustrel - Barranco do Velho
  • Foto van Aljustrel - Barranco do Velho

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Geüpload 25 maart 2014

Uitgevoerd maart 2014

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561 m
192 m
164,44 km

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nabij Aljustrel, Beja (Portugal)

Trajecto longo mas extremamente acessível.

3 commentaren

  • Foto van billnich

    billnich 12-mrt-2018

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    This trail shows a number of aspects of the Alentejo landscape, some of them quite breathtaking. There are olive groves, pretty streams and lakes and wild serra.
    The categorisation as 'easy' would probably be justified in dry weather although one wouldn't wish to do the trail in a street biased SUV. One needs a competent 4x4 with adequate ground clearance and All Terrain tyres. It is mostly off road with short connecting sections of surfaced road.
    When I followed the trail there had been nearly 2 weeks of persistent rain. The ground was soaked and the streams / rivers were swollen and fast flowing. Much of the trail was still easy because the tracks were stony or gravelly. However some of the sections were muddy or had washouts and these were much more testing. There were also several river crossings which were at least a metre deep and flowing rapidly - I didn't even attempt them and had to find alternative routes to pick up the trail later. There are plenty of examples of failed river crossings on Youtube and it simply isn't worth the risk. The authorities have thoughtfully provided concrete upstands on the downstream side of the crossings so one's vehicle wouldn't actually be washed away but there's every chance of a failed crossing or vehicle damage.
    This trail is well worthwhile following. If one starts reasonably early it can easily be completed in a day. Highly recommended.

  • Foto van billnich

    billnich 12-mrt-2018

    Further to my earlier review I see that the author of this trail has a very capable 4x4. This trail is indeed pretty easy for a vehicle of this type (maybe after heavy rain!) but it confirms my opinion that it isn't really suitable if driving an SUV.

  • Foto van Out There Overland

    Out There Overland 19-mrt-2018

    Billnich thank you so much for your great review. I'm glad that you liked it, and your opinion is important because depending on the weather conditions the track can be very disturbed. When I assign a level of difficulty, I consider it to be 4 wd vehicles, so your observation is very important and I will take it into account bearing in mind who drives an SUV.
    They are contributions like yours that give life to the tracks we share and provide vital information for all those who in the future want to overland in Portugal. Thank you very much and I hope you have enjoyed our country. It was a pleasure to have you!