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nabij Brautarholt, Kjosarsysla (Ísland)

This is one of many trails which take you to the Esja plateau.
The ascent starts off flat then it is a 60 meters rather steep ascent until “varða, top step hill”, after that it is rather steady moderate steep ascent until you reach the Esja plateau, just before “ski on/off”
It is rather important to follow the same track down as you did on your way up, especially from “varða, top steep hill” until you are down on the flat land again.
I started off by foot until I came up on the Esja plateau. Then I put on my telemark skis with skins and skied back and forth (unfortunately I didn’t have time to go further this time).
It was beautiful weather, clear sky and calm wind. It was quite an experience to admire the 360 degree view on the plateau in this beautiful weather.
I added some photos so you can check out the view, I recommend to check them out in original size.
05-APR-08 15:10:31 - 05-APR-08 15:10:31
Unpaved Road - Unpaved Road
05-APR-08 16:45:25 - 05-APR-08 16:45:25
05-APR-08 14:52:08 - 05-APR-08 14:52:08
05-APR-08 17:56:29 - 05-APR-08 17:56:29