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17,2 km

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1.141 m

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8 maart 2020


maart 2020
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2.204 m
1.071 m
17,2 km

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in de buurt Les Planeys Dessous, Canton de Fribourg (Switzerland)

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  • Foto van David Imboden

    David Imboden 5 jan. 2021

    This trail can be described in 3 parts :
    1. You follow a road that can be done by cars (if not too much snow).
    2. You have a part almost flat (From the Parking Gros Mont).
    3. This is a real backcountry ski trail up to something between "Selle des Morteys" and "Pas de la Borière".

    My honest review :
    - part 1 and 2 : can be a bit boring for medium / advanced ski people (I went there with road bike in the summer, not even mountain bike needed). But... if you want to take a beginner with you, you can do the part 1 and 2 with ease and at least it's safe.
    - part 3 : this is real backcountry Ski. It can be dangerous. Pay attention this part is not use very often by people, don't expect to follow a trace in the snow made by someone (or you're lucky). You probably have to push the snow yourself.

    Some info :
    - The trail is between the both cantons of Fribourg and Vaud.
    - You go near the "Cabane des Marindes".
    - Most of the trail is a "go and back" on the same track.
    - From the top you can have a nice view to the Vanil Noir (highest peak in the canton of Fribourg).
    - It is possible to start before or after on the road (depend where you should park depending on the snow condition...)