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nabij Johnsbach, Styria (Austria)

Hochtor, at 2,369 m, is the highest mountain in the Ennstaler Alps. There´s a couple of different routes to the summit ranging in lenghth and difficulty. This one starts at Johnsbach, on the southwestern side of the central massif.

The trail is pretty easy at the beginning but as soon as you pass the Heshütte there´s a "klettersteig" (steep hiking path secured by steel cables) called Josefinensteig (of A/B level difficulty). The ascent via Josefinensteig is not particularly difficult but it´s quite long and tiring and requires sure-footedness and caution.

We pick the different trail when descending back to Johnsbach. Schneelochweg (Snowhole Trail) is an unsecured hiking path even though some parts involve proper climbing and some kind of railing or steel cable would be pretty handy. Hence the ascent was pretty demanding and it take us more than three hours to reach the trail intersection at Untere Kodleralm.