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nabij The Ranch, Queensland (Australia)

YouTube Video of this hike: https://youtu.be/AxhIjz6JQOg

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Lincoln Bomber Wreck, Mt Superbus - From Brett Rd
5th November, 2018. First time doing this hike from minimal information.

The Lincoln Bomber Fuselage remains was actually quite spectacular once I found it...and definitely worth the effort. Just prior to locating the wreck remains, I was starting to lose hope to be honest as I really didn't have any real idea where the wreck was, but was going off roughly where I recall seeing someone's GPS point of the remains on the Western side of small Mt Superbus. You can imagine my joy once coming down the peak of that mountain and beginning to find plane wreckage remains, and then beholding the wreck itself!

Very physically demanding hike up. 3 hrs to get to the wreck (one way)..... 1.5hrs to hike up the mountain to the Junction Campsite from the carpark. Need minimum 3L water for the return trip. Heaps of Gympie Gympie plants, so have long sleeves and pants. Stupid All Trails App on my phone kept turning on and off - hence the multiple stop/start points. Very irritating.

Didn't get any GPS lock on my way back from the Wreck - which was just as well because going back was way easier to keep on track than heading toward the wreck. Heading to the wreck it was VERY EASY TO LOSE YOUR WAY. Trust me. Keep eyes peeled not only on previous ribbon markers, but also on the faint trodden trail.

Only attempt this hike from the Brett Rd entrance if you are physically fit and can endure tough terrain with minimal to nil defined trail at times. Worth doing??? Absolutely.

Wreck Campsite

50m above the Lincoln Wreck Site - small campsite. No views though.

Track Entry - Barbed Fence

This is the real start to the track. Jump the barbed wire fence and then up, up, up!

Follow the Ribbon Markers

Keep your eyes peeled for ribbon markers... and the minimal foot track. Very easy to lose your way.

Don't get lost here!

Keep to the main trail.... if you can see it! Use your phone, or GPS to get you back to the main Mt Superbus Trail line.

Keep going straight up!

Like I said..... up, up, up!

Up I tell you!

Keep going up. You think this is hard???? The hardest part is still yet to come!

Junction Campsite

Small campsite.... can decide to go left to find the Lincoln Wreck.... or right to go explore steamers.

Mt Superbus Summit - close enough

Yay.... you made it to the top of SE QLD's highest mountain. Woo-pee-doo... there are no views whatsoever... now get out of here!

Lincoln Plane Wreck

Plane Wreck.... obliterated! Very historical and ominous site. Take the time to honour those that perished here. This is what your hard-working hiking has earned you. Enjoy.

Park Car Here

Park here.... jump the wooden locked fence, then head right. Not straight up the path to the sheds.

This is NOT where the wreck is!


This is NOT the way.

Don't bother heading towards the cow sheds. Great for mountain photos.... not to find a trail to climb up the mountain. Don't ask me how I know!

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  • dalehikes 16-jul-2019

    This is such bad information. Jumping fences and crossing farmland? Totally unnecessary on this hike.

    If you had any idea mate, the route is simple and follows the old logging tracks to the bottom of the spur. NOT OVER PRIVATE PROPERTY. No fence jumping required!!

    Stop giving out bad information that trespasses on private property.

  • Foto van Jelbuilder

    Jelbuilder 16-jul-2019

    Thanks for stopping by again champ. You are a legend!

  • dalehikes 22-jul-2019

    So, despite repeatedly doing illegal things and being called out for it, you continue to respond arrogantly and apathetically.

    Any good person would remove this information or at the very least, re-write it and make explicitly clear what you did was wrong and illegal. There IS a way to do the walk legally without jumping fences...

    Despite this, you keep it available for people to copy and follow, knowingly aware that you have done the wrong thing.

    You show very poor character fella.