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nabij Suase, Black River (Mauritius)

This is a first attempt to establish a trail from the base of Montagne du Rempart to its peak at 600m. Due to limited equipment and experience, only 576m were ascended. The route is a combination of an initial hike and a subsequent mountaineering/climbing section, which makes the route very difficult. There is inherent risk to the route as there are steep drop offs either side of the path and limited scope for safety equipment use. Adverse weather, rain or wind, will make the route extremely dangerous to undertake in its higher sections.

Getting to the starting point:

1. Following the main road (A3) from Tamarin towards Port Louis, about 3km after the steel bridge over the river there is a roundabout with three exits. Take the second one towards Yemen (Domaine De Yemen)
2. About a kilometer down the road, after passing some dirt roads on the left into private farmland (chain barrier-ed off), there is a sign saying something like "Private Property" and a company name "Something Agriculture". Immediately at the sign, there is a main dirt road. Take that road.
3. A kilometer and 250m down that road, take a left (before the road block/barrier/gate) and follow the road. You would know it's the right dirt road if it has a fence following it on the right.
4. A kilometer down that road, you'll see a "parking" spot next to the fence. You would know it's the right spot if it has a wooden ladder over the fence and into the hunting park. This is the starting point


1. The route includes trespassing on private farm land (the starting point)
2. The route includes trespassing through a private hunting park (between the starting point and the first hill)
3. The route includes ascending steel cable ladders, crossing a steel cable bridge and ascending boulders
a) Danger of falling from height
b) Danger of injuring limbs
4. Adverse weather such as high winds and rain make the climb impossible
5. The route includes non-marked and improvised paths that will not necessarily be clear or obvious to follow. There is scope to improvise around the paths shown.

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    antish 23-okt-2018

    Well done. Sad that so many trails impinge on "private property"