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nabij Gilsbakki, Myrasysla (Ísland)

After an abortive earlier attempt a couple of years ago (in winter - we got blown off the mountain!) we revisited Prestahnjúkur ("Priests' Peak") determined to succeed. The weather was wonderful and the ascent easy though yours truly has often been in better shape! Although we had tentatively considered the option of continuing to Geitlandsjökull we changed our minds about that due the lateness of the hour and laziness - most of us had bagged that icecap from the other direction anyway.
The rhyolite gives this mountain a very distinctive greyish/yellowish hue which even shows up in satellite photos - it looks fantastic.
The trail from the Kaldidalur road is pretty rough (4x4 only) and care must be taken in fording the river Geitá. Also, on the steep scree slopes groups should travel close to each other to avoid dislodged rocks hurting fellow travellers.

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