1.086 m
513 m
7,44 km

3598 maal bekeken, 93 maal gedownload

nabij Bakki, Eyjafjardarsysla (Ísland)

We did this hike in late August 2007, the weather was a bit blustery and wet. The most memorable event was finding a sheep lying on its back wedged between a couple of hummocks - a situation from which they normally cannot recover. We called the local police and gave them the GPS coordinates.

The hike itself wasn't particularly memorable - it was the second one of a wet weekend and we were soon on our way home.
26-AUG-07 10:09:06 - 26-AUG-07 10:09:06
26-AUG-07 12:08:07 - 26-AUG-07 12:08:07