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in de buurt Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

Škrlatica is the second highest peak of the Slovenian Alps. This is an awesome ascent with an impressive traditional via ferrata at the end.

I left the car in the parking lot at the end of the dirt road in Vrata Valley (there is parking fee during the summer). The trail starts before the Aljažev Dom mountain hut, to the right. From there you just need to follow the marks and indications. The path gets steep fast as it goes on the lower slopes of the northern side of the valley. After 3,5 kilometers or so you get to the first intersection. The left path leads you to other peaks (Križ and Stenar are the closest ones) and to the Bivak na Rušju mountain hut (a pretty nice, small hut, just few minutes away from the intersection). The right path continues towards Škrlatica.

From the intersection the path is pretty gentle until you pass to the contiguous valley, where you face the slopes of the Škrlatica peak. After a short descent the path gets steep again and leads you to a large scree slope that ends by a huge rock wall. From here the route turns into an easy rock climb rather than a hike. The way is well marked and equipped with fixed steel cables and iron poles, although some parts are very aerial. The use of helmet is necessary in this section (and wearing a via ferrata set could be useful as well depending on your climbing skills). The last part of the route goes along the south edge of the peak up to the summit.

The only place you can find water on this route is in a rainwater collector by the Bivak na Rušju hut.



Rock wall starts here


Go to the right in the intersection


Bivak na Rušju mountain hut