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in de buurt Kaupangur, Eyjafjardarsysla (Ísland)

To say that the twin peaks of Súlur tower over the town of Akureyri would probably be a bit of an exaggeration - the mountain is simply too far away for that. Tower they do however, the name says it all (it means "columns"). It's a rather common name for Icelandic mountains with vertical ambitions, even in Scotland these peaks have a namesake (Suilven, named by the Vikings).

Although there is a well-beaten path to the top from the local rubbish heap we were constrained by the Book to use this route - it's a bit longer and involves a greater gain in elevation but neither of these aspects present a problem. The problem is that the owners of the farmstead where the prescribed route starts do NOT like strangers!

Normally I would ask permission to cross peoples' land but in this case the farm was obviously abandoned and the gate was open. Turned out the farm next door now owns the land and you'd better believe me whan I tell you they are short-tempered. The words they used to describe the author of the Book do not bear repetition.

Still - if you get permission and if the bulls grazing in the upper pasture don't get you, this is a rewarding hike - though frankly I don't see what it has to offer that the normal path doesn't.

Higher Summit

30-JUL-08 16:24:12 - 30-JUL-08 16:24:12

Lower Summit

30-JUL-08 15:57:48 - 30-JUL-08 15:57:48