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nabij Willowbrook, British Columbia (Canada)

This is a great network of trails all around Orofino mountain. This will take you past 4 separate lakes - Sawmill, Madden, Ripley, and Taylor. It will also take you to some of the Orofino mine areas. There is much more mining history to discover in the area but we began running out of time and didn't have time to map it.

Trail would be ranked moderate but on this route there was a couple very difficult hill climbs that shouldn't be attempted by novice riders.
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Ripley lake
Oliver view
Mud hole
Madden lake
Sawmill camping spot
Sawmill lake
Taylor Lake (bear lake)
Grand Oro Branch Rd
Grand Oro Mine
Mining ruins
Old mining cabin

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  • Foto van JessicaRoss

    JessicaRoss 27-sep-2016


  • Foto van Melissabrowett

    Melissabrowett 1-aug-2018

    Do you think a Jeep could make it through any of the trails you guys took?

  • Foto van Paxx

    Paxx 1-aug-2018

    I think most of the trails would be just fine. Not sure how overgrown some areas are though, as long as your fine with brush scratching the paint I think it’s all doable.

  • Foto van Melissabrowett

    Melissabrowett 2-aug-2018

    Lots of pin striping already :)