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in de buurt El Pandito, Jalisco (Mexico)

They say there are 14 geysers alongside and under the Patitos River. The result is a fabulous recreational area with each pool heated by its own geyser. Camping is allowed and there are interesting places to hike nearby.

Hot Pot

Boiling water pot alongside the river.
Thermale wateren

Don Cuco's Dream Pool

This is Don Cuco Sandoval's "Balneario y Terraza Los Geisers." The water is nice and deep for swimming, heated naturally.
Thermale wateren

Underwater geyser

Bubbles on the surface tell you something is lurking beneath the surface.

Parque Los Hervores

Parque Ecológico Los Hervores was landscaped by Don Roberto Castro over many years. Park here and go exploring!