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nabij Zhangjiacun, Shandong (China)

A drive north, along route S301 up the Shandong coast, starting from the eastern part of Roncheng town. The drive passes traditional villages and the large Samsung shipyard facilities. The swan viewing area is a well known, popular local winter attraction, where flocks of migrating swans from Russia spend the winter. We visited January 5, 2017, but are not sure the period when the swans are usually present. The track includes a 1 to 2 km walk around at the swan viewing area.

There are much more extensive walks available from this site, and bicycles are available using a card system. An idea of these hike and bike possibilities is apparent from zooming in on satellite view (turn labels off)
Starting point for the drive, with our host Mr. Yu. There are sand beaches and small boat harbors on the waterfront near the fish plant.
The shipyard facilities stretch a kilometer or so along the waterfront.
We did not investigate the terms for renting these bicycles. Roncheng also has a modern bicycle fleet and bicycle path network.
Waterfront promenade. A popular local attraction. Although crowded, no other foreign tourists seen. Large numbers of photographers with tripods and big lenses were photographing the swans.