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nabij Saraválion, West Greece (Greece)

Trail running around Omplos, very easy tempo with a lot of walking/hiking. Route passes thourgh variaty of terrain: asphalt, dirt roads, dirt paths, rocky paths - a little bit of everything. Distance and elevation gain close to upcoming race in Zagorochoria.

0,0k at 190m - Start from below the hill of Omplos, just at the sharp left turn with sign to Omplos (little bench on the right). First 2.3k passed through local roads and few cuts with smaller paths, to reach start of proper hiking path (waypoint) at 400m. Pretty easy at the beginning, but with steeper climb to the end of the section.

2,3k at 400m - Hiking path. One of my favorites here in Omplos. The ascent is not very demanding and the path is just perfect for tempo run, with some rocks to watch out for. The route crosses dirt road twice, and at the second time, follows straight.

3,5k at 535m - There is a smaller path (not well vissible) leaving to the right (waypoint). We missed it at first but realized it soon enough to come back. This section (~2k) is a great hiking path with a bit more possitive grade, but I guess it's not the most popular one as it was full of spider webs. It was almost impossible to run! Even trying to avoid them, made us to "eat" at least 20 each! Therefore even though it was awesome path, I dont think I will be coming back there again and rather will take some alternative options...

5,5k at 740m - Dirt road. A bit wider road that leads up to the monastery. We followed it in opposite direction with a little descent first to turn right later and start again ascent with some nice and quite technical path.

6,8k at 810m - Plateau (waypoint). The path ends, leaves kind of forest and enters very nice plateu surrounded by hills. Flat grass with few single trees looked for me like African savvana :-P At least this was my impression at the time (just to be clear, I ve never been to Africa, just seen tons of documentaries from National Geographic). The hour was still early so we actually enjoyed a bit of sun in open area. After passing the plateau, we managed to find start of a path leading to the highest hill and Profiti Ilias on top.

7,7k at 830m - path. Route enters forest and with some shadow goes steeply up (power hiking section). Path ends at open area next to dirt road to the top. Here the heat was not pleasant any more...

9,5k at 1100m - Profiti Ilias (waypoint). We managed to find a bit of shadow and settle down for a snack and 10min rest enjoying view in all directions: Erymanthos to the South, Chelmos and Panachaiko to the East, Patra with the gulf to the North, Kato Achaia and Ionio to the West. First part of the descent was with the same dirt road as we climbed, and later we followed the road all the way down to Krystalovrysi. Easy, steady descent, not technical difficulties, but also no shadow!

14,6k at 730m - Krystalovrysi (waypoint) and spring. It was very much appreciated to find water exactly at this moment! After long section in open sun, we have all ran out of supplies! Quick stop and we continued. We had to go back through hill of Omplos, which was accessible from this point by asphalt road. In order to cut the asphalt to minimum, we decided to go for about 1k with dirt road on the other side on the spring. Flat and easy section.

15,9k at 730m - Cut back to the asphalt (waypoint). First steep downhill (not very well vissible), through the spring and back up to the asphalt. Following the main road for another ~2k. Fairly flat section.

18,9k at 680m - Leaving asphalt (waypoint). Just few meters after leaving asphalt, the route goes very steep down - pretty technical section - to small grassland. Later with wider path parallel ti the asphalt with fairly mild descent.

20,5k at 490m - Back on asphalt. With familiar cuts, down to the cars.

22,5 at 190m - Easy finish.

Route done with company of fellow trail runners from Patras, who I found through internet (welcome 21st century :-P). Tempo was very relaxing and lots of climbs done hiking (as You can see from the time). I would mark my effort as easy, but the point it to mark the route, so I leave it as moderate just for some technical parts, heat and overall distance/elevation.
~15% on asphalt
~40% on dirt roads
~45% on trails

Hiking Path


Right, Full of spiders !!




Profiti Ilias


Krystalovrysi, spring


Cut down


Off asphalt