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nabij Polídhrosos, Central Greece (Greece)

Last year, together with my friend George, we ran ultra trail race Tihio-Delfoi, 75k with ~3500m elevation gain. This year the organizers made it even longer, ending up with ~115k and 5800m elev. What they did basically was to reverse the last year's route and add extra 40k +2300m at the beginning. So the route started from village of Polidrossos in north Parnasos mountain range, passed through the mountains and it's highest peak to Delfoi, and the followed the reversed route back to Tihio. What sounded quite simple as a plan, happened to be extremely difficult in reality to finish (actually it appeared to be impossible for me :-/).
Coming out of Polidrosso, it was plain climb from ~350m to 2350m in less than 18k. And mostly quite steady grade with just last section more demanding. We started late in the morning (11AM) so it was already fairly sunny and warm even in higher parts. We reached the peak in 3h20min which was very nice pace for 18k and +2000m climb. But I was not so happy with the fact that I already started to feel fatigue. Then the descent also costed me a lot more energy than I would have thought, and by the time we got down to Livadies at about 1100m, 31k of the race, I was very tired. And on, what was fairly flat section after Livadies, I had to start to walk majority of the time. I was late afternoon but still hot and still sunny.
Later downhill section with acient path to Deflous, went a bit better, much cooler temps and a bit of walking before, made me feel a bit better. By the time we reached Deflous and AID station, it was getting pretty dark. We still managed to run down to olive trees of Amfissa before I had to put on the head torch. Climb from Sernikaki to Ag Nikolas church was in complete darkness but went fairly fine (of course nice slow walking tempo!). Then flat section via dirt roads to Agia Eythimia went surprisingly smooth, even running some sections.
Agia Eythimia was a central station with hot foods available. we spent almost 20min here, eating soup and changing clothes. Lots of runners decided not to continue (which also crossed my mind), but George was full of energy and I decided not to mention my dilema...
Next semi flat 8k to Vounichora was ooookkk, not great but I survived.
Quick stop and off we went for the climb, ~600m. I was not well but somehow reached the top... and when I went pretty proud of myself, the descent came.... -700m very steep, in complete darkness and dead legs! I think I fell like 3 or 4 times, not hard, but still some scratches and bruises... Lots of nerves! before I entered Malandrino village for a long rest..
My thoughts of quiting the race came back very strong and next 6k section to Vraila was a nightmare. No will to run at all, no power, darkness and now pretty cold temps didnt help. Even my company didnt help since they were all in much better shape and mood and just made me more nervous :-P So... when I reached Vraila, saw a nice taverna where the AID station was, found out they also have hot soup and a fireplace... that was it: no more running (errr... walking) today. And it was already 2AM the next day...

So, here was my finish line... at about 85k or sthg like that.

NOTE: congrats to George who of course finished the race in 4th place after 21+ hours.
AND a big sorry, since he would be at least 3rd and in 2-3 hours less if it wasnt for me...