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nabij Saint-Cyr-les-Colons, Bourgogne (France)

Naar Santiago:

van Saint-Cyr Les Colons naar Vézelay.
mooie tocht langs lang kanaal, door het bos van Madeleine en dan ligt de Basiliek Sainte-Marie-Madeleine daar opeens bovenop de top in de verte.
vlak voor het plein rechts in het Centre Sainte Madeleine.
Heerlijke plek met erg vriendelijke mensen en eigen kook gelegenheid. aan het plein voor de Basiliek.

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Sacred architecture


Ste-Madeleine Centre 26 rue Saint-Pierre 89450 VÉZELAY Tel. : +33 (0) 3 86 33 22 14 centre.saintemadeleine @ Located on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostela, Vézelay is, since the Middle Ages, a gathering place of great ways of praying. Founded in the ninth century, at the edge of the Cure, she became the eleventh an important center of pilgrimage around the relics of St. Madeleine. During the Middle Ages, pilgrims staying in the "inns" and when the crowd was large, in the immense vaulted cellars dug under the city. Since the founding of the abbey, the Sainte Madeleine Centre contributes in various forms to the reception of pilgrims and travelers. In 1844 the Sisters of Providence founded a school. During the occupation, the religious community led by Ms Arnol welcomed many Jewish children and hid them between 1942 and 1944. Mary Arnol (Sister Leocadia) was recognized as "Righteous Among the Nations" by the State of Israel, for helping, its risks, persecuted Jews during the occupation. The school finally ceased to function in 1957. Since the 70s, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary have managed and run home for 38 years. Welcoming place, evangelization and prayer, the parish and the diocese will organize training and pensions while receiving pilgrims to Saint-Jacques and Assisi. The center has a capacity of 39 beds, a galley and a dining room, several meeting rooms and a chapel open to all. In 2008, he hosted 4600 people including 800 pilgrims, knowing that the applications are growing. To continue its mission, the center must meet the new safety standards by 2012 and optimize space planning and functionality. The program will include the redevelopment of the hosting space, dining Maurice Clavel and the creation of a new parish hall. The total budget of the project amounts to more than a million. Given the importance of the Center for the Church in the Yonne and its vocation for pilgrims from all over the world, the diocese launched in partnership with the Heritage Foundation, a call to action to save this place and allow him to continue his mission. This subscription allows all individuals, businesses, visitors and friends mobilize to maintain this open venue. Each donor will receive a tax receipt that will allow it to reduce its income tax, property or companies. The Heritage Foundation will donate donations and collected and will add an additional grant.