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4 augustus 2014


augustus 2014
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64 m
4 m
49,28 km

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in de buurt Bakhen, Penal/Debe (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

This combination driving, cycling, and hiking trail explores two mud volcanoes in Southern Trinidad, the Digity Trace Mud Volcano and the Lamoshell Mud Volcano located along Bunsee Trace.

The trail starts at the corner of the S.S. Erin Road and Boodoo Trace in Debe at 10.19052°N and -61.44923°W. Proceed heading 171° along Boodoo Trace. This road is well paved and wide. Turn left heading 123° onto Boodoo Trace #3 at 10.118492°N and -61.43417°W. Along here you’ll have to traverse a one lane steel bridge across a river. Turn right heading 31° at the junction located at 10.18158°N and -61.43507°W. The road along here is quite narrow because of current construction of boxed drains. Proceed heading 97° at the three way junction located at 10.18874°N and -61.42847°W onto Mohess Road. Turn right heading 135° at the junction located at 10.18844°N and -61.42668°W onto Sanahie Trace. Turn left heading 65° at the junction located at 10.18814°N and -61.42519°W onto Transfer Trace #1. Along here you’ll find a lot of high pressure hydrocarbon lines from field to refinery. You’ll also see the remains of the superstructure of an old compressor station used by state-owned oil company Petrotrin. Turn left heading 65° at 10.18973°N and -61.41914°W and then right heading 90° at the junction located at 10.19610°N and -61.41650°W onto Digity Trace. The Digity Mud Volcano lies only a short drive down this trace. The base of the cone sits at 10.18611°N and -61.41582°W. On the site there is a park that is maintained by the Penal-Debe Regional Corporation. It has ample outdoor sheds for picnicking as well as washroom facilities. However, when I visited on August 3rd, 2014 there was a lot of garbage strewn about the facilities from previous park users...

Upon leaving the Digity Mud Volcano Site turn right heading 108° at the junction located at 10.18882°N and -61.41667°W and then turn left heading 45° onto Barrackpore Trace at 10.18847°N and -61.40724°W. Turn right heading 176° at the junction located at 10.19568°N and -61.39393°W onto Clarke-Rochard Road. Continue straight heading 180° at the three way junction located at 10.18812°N and -61.39387°W. Turn left heading 149° onto the Penal Rock Road at 10.13109°N and -61.42178°W. Turn right onto Bunsee Trace at the junction located at 10.12804°N and -61.41828°W. Turn left heading 140° at the junction located at 10.11615°N and -61.41832°W and continue through the three way junction. The last point along this road that you’d be able to drive without an off-road vehicle is at “D’ Volcano Bar.” This is located at 10.10958°N and -61.41825°W. The bar has a large grassy parking lot adjacent to it and the proprietor appears welcoming to visitors. From here you can hike, bike, or use an off-road vehicle. The road deteriorates very rapidly to the point where it becomes a wide dirt track through a teak forest. There are several sizable areas along this road where you’d get stuck in the mud, one such point today was 10.09299°N and -61.40872°W. The road is largely deserted apart from some small to medium scale farming thus making it ideal for bird-watching. The road leads directly to the volcano site located at 10.08936°N and -61.40252°W. This is one of the most active mud volcanoes in Trinidad. There is a moderate hiking trail from this volcano that leads to the secluded Lamoshell Beach...
Happy Trails.

Starting Point.

This is the starting point marker at the corner of Boodoo Trace and the S.S. Erin Road in Dabe...

Digity Mud Volcano.

This marker sits at the Digity Mud Volcano Site...

Volcano Cone.

  • Foto van Volcano Cone.
This marker sits at the top of the Digity Mud Volcano Cone...

D' Volcano Bar.

  • Foto van D' Volcano Bar.
This marker sits at the parking lot of "D' Volcano Bar" along Digity Trace...

Teak Forest Road.

  • Foto van Teak Forest Road.
This marker sits along the Teak Forest...

Lamoshell Mud Volcano.

  • Foto van Lamoshell Mud Volcano.
This marker sits at the Lamoshell Volcano site at the end of Bunsee Trace...

2 opmerkingen

  • Foto van Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 12 jan. 2015

    I did this trail and I quite enjoyed it... I plan to do it again soon...

  • Foto van Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 3 jan. 2018

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk meer

    I did this trail and I quite enjoyed it... I plan to do it again soon...