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10,96 km

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nabij Rijs, Friesland (Nederland)

Etapa 4 - 18/8/14

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  • Irene.vw 19-aug-2014

    How nice to see that you and your family enjoyed the cycling in our nice Friesland. I saw you on your bike in the rain near Balk. Have a nice time .
    Where are you from? Spain, Italy .......???


  • pepmoni 27-aug-2014

    What a coincidence !!

    Thanks Irene,

    We have enjoyed a lot our route through Friesland. Last saturday we arrived to Dokkum. During 8 days we have visited with our kids the 11 cities of the Elfstedentocht. I have loaded each strech in wikiloc and I hope to explaining with comments our experience during the next few days.

    Shame about the weather during the first days !

    We and our kids were pleasantly surprised by the fantastic hospitality and friendliness of the Frisans!

    By the way, we're from Barcelona

    Thank you