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in de buurt Chengzitun, Liaoning (China)

A pioneering bike-share of China, with efficient Flying Pidgeon one-speeds. This track is approx. 40 km return. An early-winter bicycle covers the eastern part of the "Dalian Greenway", actually located at Kaifaqu (the "New Development Zone" - a 20-minute Skytrain ride to the east of Dalian City). There is a separate Wikiloc, starting at this same location, covering the west part of the Greenway through urban Kaifaqu.

The route extends to the East Greenway terminus, then proceeds farther to the east, to a resort beach area and the resort town. East of the Greenway it follows wide sidewalk paths for most of the way. Alternatively, a uncrowded 4-lane highway parallels the route, and has wide shoulders that are used by road bike groups and scooters. Traffic is generally light. The Skytrain continues parallel to the bicycle track, but is seems unlikely bicycles would be allowed on this, so the 40 km distance assumes a return bicycle leg.

The route was done with the Greenways' Flying Pigeon Bike Fleet, using card access. These one-speeds are well suited to the area. Seats can easily be lifted to the max.The Greenway bike began to free wheel erratically at the far east end; perhaps this is a disable device that kicks in when out of range of the Greenway? Or it might just be that particular bike? However, the bike made it the whole distance with some pushing at the extreme east end, and the problem stopped quickly on the way back.

Greenway bike cards are available at the bike kiosk nearest the Kaifaqu Skytrain station, or at the Greenway office nearby. Foreign Passport ID and a 400 RMB refundable deposit is required, plus a minimum 20 RMB riding account. A Mandarin speaker might be required to help complete the transaction. The account depletes 2 RMB per hour after going past the free one-hour limit. By switching bikes at a bike station before the one hour limit, the entire Greenway can be explored without deducting ones' riding account. This track is likely to result in a 4-6 RMB deduction. To get a bike, scan your card first, then you have 60 secs to remove the bike. When returning the bike, plug in the bike first, then you have 60 seconds to scan your card.

For cell phone navigation, download the Wikiloc offline Liaoning Proving map. WiFi is absent and data service may be intermittent along parts of the route. For viewing the track, use the Open Cycle or Open City Map, or the Wikiloc satellite image, as the Wikiloc default map by Google is not properly geo-referenced (apparently an issue between Google and China).

Start near Mall with a KFC

Near starting bicycle station. There is a modern mall with a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Cultural Square

This plaza is a meeting place for retirees doing games and exercise routines during working hours, also an impromptu sidewalk market.

Skytrain Station

Example of the Skytrain stations. This Skytrain parallels the route along its full length, with periodic stations.The Skytrain is convenient to access the Greenway from Dalian City, or if others are meeting bicyclists at the East Beach Resort area. Not sure about taking bikes on Skytrain, suspect it would be very awkward or just not allowed. This track uses the Greenway bicycle fleet.

Bike Station

A Bike Station location. Maps showing the current bike station and the entire route are available at each bike station.

Canal crossing

Greenway path joins the highway bridge over waterways. There is a park fronting a lagoon in this area.

Raking autumn leaves

This track was made in late autumn 2016, after most of the leaves were fallen. Dozens of workers mobilize on antique bicycles, or using the Greenway bicycles, to rake these leaves into piles for collection.

Fishing Lake, Arched Bridge

The basic landscaping of this small lake was apparently completed long before the intended final development plan. There is a nice arched bridge. Its a favorite lake for summer fishermen. Native wild ducks were seen here in winter (migrating). Presumably the areas around the lake will be completed some time in the future, perhaps with residential buildings?

East end of Official Greenway Trail

The designated Greenway track comes to an abrupt end. To continue east, most should dismount here for 10 meters of so. From here the route crosses a street-light controlled intersection to the south side of the highway. Follow a wide sidewalk further east. Alternatively, there are wide, marked highway shoulders used by road bikes, antique bikes of workmen, motor scooters, and small farm vehicles. These provide a fast and efficient bicycle option from here towards the east. A few short stretches on the highway shoulder are necessary after the hill pass, when approaching the seaside resort.

Winter Forest

At the Welcome and Information Center for the beach resort area. Here the road goes through a low pass between forested hills before beginning to descend to the beach turnoff.

Underpass to beach

When traffic permits, turn left off highway and circle around to a highway underpass, then head south. This road follows a canal, and passes close to the Dalian American High School before reaching a hill walk area and the beach.

Frozen Canal

Bridge over canal.

Start of Hill Walk

Bikes can be locked here if also taking a hill walk. Go up stairway towards the hilltop (this segment not on the saved track).

West Beach

the resort beaches are very popular in summer. Farther to the east there is beach admission. It appears these western ones are free beaches.

Sand sculpture


Small hill, viewpoint

Half way along the beach is the only real hill of the route, it's short and of moderate steepness. The one-speed made it to the top with a bit of effort.

Square, statues, shellfish vendors