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nabij Málaga, Andalucía (España)

Hi to everybody!!!

This is not casual route to enjoy cycling in the spring!!! This is something to make your endurance and muscles stronger or to destroy them forever.

In fact it is not as hard as it looks...

You start on main square Plaza de la Constitucion riding along Catedral, Castle Alcazaba and Roman Theatre to enter street Calle Victoria. You keep on up and then follow the street Cristo de la Epidemia which turn out to be street Camino Colmenar carrying nr. A-7000. You are on the famous climb from Malaga to Fuente de la Reina/Puerto del Leon (aprox. 950 m.a.s.). After 18 km you will reach the pass, then keep on for restaurant Venta Galwey. There is a crossroad, turn right for Olias/Comares.

After any other light 4 kms you will come to another crossroad where you must turn right for MA-165/113 to enjoy long 18 kms long descent through Olias to quarter of Malaga called El Palo. Do not worry of any crossroads, still straight through Olias with small climbing along hermitage to another pass and then down again.

In El Palo you meet main road, turn right for 200 meters and immediately left for 200 meters. Then again left to enter the road leading to La Cala del Moral and Rincon de la Victoria. At the end of El Palo you enter busy road MA-24 for 3 kms. When coming to La Cala del Moral turn left for Totalan through MA-179 and start to climb again. This part will test you. Once having cycled any 40 kms and at least 1000 meters of gained elevation every steep part of this road to Totalan will try your state of mind.

Coming to Totalan you have to turn left for Olias through road MA-167. First part is a bit uncomfortable but when you come to the bottom of the valley you will turn left to get last and very steady climbing to Olias. You can put the rhythm and keep it for last 3 km. In Olias there is a nice bar Taberna Antigua with nice terrace including amazing views over the valley you have just climed.

From Olias you take MA-113 to go to El Palo again. There turn right again but for now stay on this road till the centre of Malaga. Coming to the street Alameda Principal turn right to finish on the main square again.

Good kilometers, cool elevation are over!!!

Cafe Central [ food & drink ]


Follow street CAMINO COLMENAR/A-7000


Bar FUENTE DE LA REINA [ fountain & views & food & drink]


Bar PUERTO DEL LEON [ views & food & drink ]


Restaurant VENTA GALVES [views & food & drink ]


Turn right for Olias/Comares


Turn right for Olias/Totalan/El Palo


Peak SANTOPITAR with broadcaster


Crossroad Olias/Totalan/El Palo


Taberna ANTIGUA [ views & food & drink ]

Sacred architecture

Hermitage Olias




Firstly turn left for Rincon...


Turn left for Totalan


Turn for Olias


TOTALAN [ views & food & drink ]