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nabij Schiphol, Noord-Holland (Nederland)

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  • Foto van John Dempster

    John Dempster 1-mrt-2009

    How did you track the flight?
    The last few times I have flown commercially I couldn't catch a satellite with my Garmin (map 60csx.)

  • Foto van hemu

    hemu 1-mrt-2009

    I did track the flight with a garmin 60csx, sometimes its hard to catch the satellites (e.g ams - greenland) but after i got a realy good signal
    gr Henk

  • Foto van John Dempster

    John Dempster 2-mrt-2009

    I'll try harder next time and hope for some results (as long as the cabin crew don't arrest me for fear of a terrorist act because I'm waving my gps everywhere!!!)