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nabij Brzegi, Województwo małopolskie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Extremely boring part of the Wisła river, completely regulated. 30 km of the drainage ditch, enclosed between steep slopes, not recommendable. Two interesting rapids - one at the very beginning (potentially dangerous, see waypoint description) and one 1-2 km before the bridge in Nowe Brzesko, easy.


Starting point at the Przewóz threshold on the right bank on the river (allows one to avoid the lock which is on the other side and not in usable condition). When the power plant is discharging water, the rapid grows big (perhaps WWIII/III+). Not very recommendable to paddle it alone, as the current becomes very strong and under the water there are parts of the old artificial threshold, which might seriously damage the boat (see picture). If you don't want to paddle the rapid it is possible to start right underneath, avoiding the hazards.

Przylasek Rusiecki bridge

Railway bridge at Przylasek Rusiecki. After another 2-3 km comes road bridge in Niepołomice, after which there are no brigdes until Nowe Brzesko.

Nowe Brzesko brigde

Landing point before the bridge on the right. Don't pass the bridge, it's difficult to drag the boat onshore later.