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nabij Zhangjiacun, Shandong (China)

Rated as easy walk because most of the track distance is car access to the area of interest, from Rongcheng Town and return. Our hosts drove us to the beach to the SW of Rongcheng Town where we walked along the shore. Local fish boats moor here, and beachcombers were harvesting shellfish off the rocks.

Then we drove several kilometers inland to an area of greenhouse strawberry farming, and picked several kg of very delicious strawberries at a reasonable price.

On the way back to Rongcheng the route passes a New China traditional restaurant (not marked by a way point). One picture of the cooking style (for roast goose) is included. There is also an photo of one of the many fascinating revolutionary posters from the beginning of new China.

It is recommended to use the Wikiloc default satellite image because the default map is not geo-referenced correctly (apparently Chinese policy due to an issue between Google and China).
Beach parking
Local women are harvesting oysters and other sea shells off the rocks.