• Foto van 44km TT Ter Dolen Helchteren.
  • Foto van 44km TT Ter Dolen Helchteren.
  • Foto van 44km TT Ter Dolen Helchteren.

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81 m
55 m
43,55 km

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nabij Helchteren, Flemish Region (Belgique)

De Ter Dolen Fietshappening, een mountaibike rit uit de fietspromo kalender, te Helchteren. Samen met Erik, Davy,Roger en Philippe
70 m hoogte
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  • WouterN 1-aug-2017

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Quite a lot of single tracks on this one, more then I had anticipated. Allthough some of tthem are borderline impossible to bike... Quite a lot of fallen trees blocking passage and overgrown bushes (thorns!!).
    But also twisty single trails that are fun to ride and can wear you down!
    Minimal asphalt roads and apart from a handfull short and sharp climbs, no altitude difference.
    Quite hard to navigate, so many different paths that I ended up on the wrong one several times.
    No real exciting sections but still a very enjoyable ride, just navigate around the worst sections.
    Some parts also get used by motorcycles so expect a few trashed roads aswell :-)