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in de buurt Santa Bárbara, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

This 20.7 km stretch is predominantly flat, but there are many detours that require the traveler to pay attention.

The first 3 kms follow a trail where only hikers, cyclists, and travelers on horseback can pass. There is a detour for motor vehicles marked in the guide.

During part of this stretch the Serra do Caraça is visible. At km 15.2, the traveler has to enter the property of a farm, continue to the property limits, pass through a railway tunnel and then follow the railroad tracks.

At km 13.9 one of the main attractions of the region, the Bicame de Pedra, a 4-meter high aqueduct built by slaves in 1792 to supply water to the farms of the region is found. It is an amazing feat of stonemasonry and engineering, built without the use of cement.

The road finally reaches the city of Catas Altas. Founded by pioneers in 1703, it entered into decadence with the end of gold prospecting. Later, during one of this trips to the city, Saint-Hilaire, the French naturalist, suggested the mining of iron, very abundant in the region, instead of gold, and Catas Altas once again entered a period of prosperity. The city boasts one of the most harmonious complexes of colonial architecture in Minas Gerais, composed of both churches and mansions. Catas Altas offers a complete tourist infrastructure to the traveler.

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