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in de buurt Kārļi, Cēsu Rajons (Latvija)

This route is hilly with a medium level of difficulty. Tour combines quiet minor roads with exciting wilderness tracks in the Amata and Gauja river valleys, avoiding the highways. Sightseeing: Kārļamuiža, Ainavu steep and the ancient bed of the Amata; Zvarte rock; Raksu cliffs; the Gauja; Araisu windmill; Drabesu estate and park; ruins of Araisu castle; Araisu lake castle; Araisu evangelic Lutheran church and priest’s house; Siimtenupe; Racenu secular trees.

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  • Werner J 16-jul-2015

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Great trail (our very first Wikloc experience). Beautiful nature. Biked with wife in mid-July. Found heaps of chantarelli on trail itself, as well as wild strawberries and blueberries :) We did route in reverse, and had some problems locating "correct" trail from Zvarte rock back to Kārļamuiža, most likely due to an overgrown path. Not a big issue for us, as we are experienced orienteering runners, but for less able Wikiloc users, it might be slightly tricky. Big thanks to jsteps for posting this lovely trail !