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nabij Vallfogona, Catalunya (España)

First part of this route is mostly forest trail. Varied quality trail. Many loose stones, trail caved in at one spot (as shown in the photo) with only a narrow pass, and a nasty, (although probably non-lethal) fall on the left side. Most of the trail is fine, but the mud and wet stones from the rain the night before, made some of the harder bits impossible to cycle, Similar to what happened with the forest trail from day before, and the rain the day before that.
There's a nice looking natural fountain on the way, but I had already stocked up on water in Vallforgona de Ripolles at the sports center fountain. Also, with heavy rains, natural fountains can sometimes get murky. This one looked fine, though.
In the town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, the route crosses the "Ruta del Ferro", which I will use in two days, as I head back south.
The last peak before Ribes is about 900 meters of climbing, mostly on paved roads in good condition. The last half of the climb is cow territory, with ever more impressive views of ever larger mountains.
The descent to Ribes is also beautiful, with the huge mountains looking ever more imposing, but unfortunately it started to thunder, and then rain, and I was wet (again) by the time I arrived to Ribes in the afternoon.
As I was getting a hot drink in town, the locals confirmed that the weather would not change for several days, and that it would be much worse on Puigmal and the rest of the peaks I had planned.
In the face of this, I decided to not stay and wait for the shops to open, and instead head straight for my intended exit-point from the "high pyrinees" leg of my journey: Camprodon. So I filled up on water in a public fountain, fired the gps back up and recorded "day 3, part 2.
Slippery when wet
Probably the biggest problem with this trail , at least if you go in dry conditions.
Some of this trail is really hard to navigate in the rain, or after rain.
Dropped my gloves here, and came back for them.
Not looking at the trail in the middle, but at the signs. Ribes is to the left (not on a sign, as it's not the main road), and Camprodon to the right, each representing the two ends of the "High Pyrinees" leg of the journey, as originally planned. I decided to push on to Ribes, even though I figured the thunderstorms would eventually make me cancel the trip to the higher peaks.
Don't sit here in summer, bugs were a nuisance. Also, clouds were appearing at this point.
Imposing peaks reveal even more imposing peaks behind them during the climb
Bla bla bla, "local flora and fauna" etc etc. Now stop looking at the plaque, and look around you...