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nabij Overijse, Vlaams-Brabant (Belgique)

3 commentaren

  • tiotito 13-aug-2008

    Hi! how is this track? I am going to live in brussels and I love mtb. I know that Belgium is kind of flat, but I guess there must be some mtb tracks!

  • morris 14-aug-2008

    No clue where you come from, so difficult to judge if you will be happy with what we have as MTB opportunities in Belgium.
    There are nice opportunities to bike surrounding Brussels (Zoniënwoud, Pajottenland). Further away we have the Ardennes.
    You might check for the calendar of weekly tours organized (in dutch, don't know if you will understand).
    Have fun !

  • tiotito 15-aug-2008

    I've lived in Arizona, USA and La Rioja, Spain. But I am sure I will enjoy very much with the belgian landscape (forest). Ardennes seducts me. Thanks for the info and I will check the tours when I settle there. Cheers!