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nabij Póros, Attica (Greece)

This is a quick roundtrip on Poros Island, Greece. It includes a rocky downhill, challenging single trails, and an unexpected climbing exercise (read the detailed description for more information!).

Technical difficulty: 5/5 (driving on loose rocks, sand, narrow trails, steep uphill and downhill etc.)
Power: 3/5
Beauty of landscape: 4/5

+++ detailed description +++

Tour starts at Poros docks. Follow the coastal road to Askeli. Stay on the main road until you reach the archeological site of the Poseidon temple. Entrance is free, but please don't cycle on the premises. :)

Move on to the village of Agios Nektarios. Don't go right to the northern coast; stay on the main road. Right after a tiny chapel on the left side of the road, where the main road turns left, go straight ahead into an eroded riverbed (entrance is in the middle between the paved road and an unpaved forest track). Downhill time! (see photo)

When you hit the paved road again, immediately turn right and follow the unpaved forest track. You can just stay on this track or follow the GPS directions which will take you to another technical detour. It includes one steep climb where you may have to unmount and wheel your bike a short distance.

Back on the main forest track, enjoy a beautiful view over Poros and the Peleponnes.

You can either stay on the forest track or follow the GPS directions for an extra-technical challenge (on tracks which I think were made by goats; see photo).

WARNING: The fun abruptly ends up a few meters above the street (see photo). You will have to shoulder your bike and climb down! It's difficult but managable. You do this at your own risk; don't blame me if you break your neck.

Follow the main road back to the port in Poros.

PS: Watch out for turtles, don't run them over!


A tiny cave behind metal bars. If you have a flashlight, it's worth having a look (stalactites).
Archeologische opgraving

Poseidon sanctuary

Sacred architecture


Sacred architecture



Turn left here

Doodlopende weg

Dead end - stay on GPS track


Great view over Poros


Abandoned farm houses


Stop & climb

or go back to forest road