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nabij Churriana, Andalucía (España)

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    wingeltje 9-jul-2015

    mooie route, ben zelf ooit van Malaga naar Sittard (NL) gefiets was erg verast over het spaanse binnenland door de diversiteit van de landschappen, een van de mooiste reizen .

  • WieZe1 17-jun-2016

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail


    The track was really beautifull from beginning till end! Real nice scenery, nice track (I think that the track goes off-path sometimes for hotel overnights).

    I did this track in 3 weeks, be aware that it's, on my opinion, only possible with backpack and descent mountainbike as their are technical climbs and downhills on single tracks. I would not recommend it doing with a rack and bikepacks.

    Thanks goes out to biketrips.be for making and sharing this wonderfull track!


  • Miguele064 28-okt-2016

    Sensacional !!!!

  • urbain612 4-apr-2017

    hello. seems awesome. video and pictures are beautiful.this is what i am looking for! however, bikepacking (front bag and saddle bag , no rack) is my only option. is that difficult because of narrow parts (for instance, tunnels)? thank you for your answer

  • Emule3 6-apr-2017

    awesome video and awesome trails! https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-mountainbike/transspain-10157569/photo-7439151

  • Foto van Tacbe

    Tacbe 6-mei-2017

    A long time ago I went from the north to the south of Spain by by trekking bike. It was a great experience. But what you have done is a great inspiration for me. As a frequent mtb'er in Spain one day I hope to make the same (kind of) trip you made. Tnx for uploading. https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-mountainbike/transspain-10157569/photo-7439151

  • Foto van biketrips.be

    biketrips.be 8-mei-2017

    Hello Doug,

    There will only be a very few passages that are difficult because of tunnels and rocks,
    but that may not be the reason why you wouldn't make this trip.
    Especially if you're not in a hurry, you can take 10 minutes to unmount the bags and re-mount them after the difficult passage.


  • Foto van koke_81

    koke_81 20-jun-2017

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Magnificent route!

    Thank you very much for designing and sharing this route
    100% quality.
    I started in Algeciras - Tarifa and finished in Higuer Cape, Hondarribia.

    Self-supported bikepacking trip with a very light tent. 20 days cycling.

  • Foto van damo010

    damo010 26-sep-2019

    Would this route be ok in winter?

    I got some time off work and could have a go at this in Oct to early Nov. The day time temps look fine but wondering if the night times could be very cold wild camping?

    Whats the route like to resupplies for food?

    Many Thanks D

  • Foto van koke_81

    koke_81 26-sep-2019

    Hi damo010!

    The route goes through several different geographical features, Mountains, small deserts...
    Those months there will be no snow, but the nights will be cold in the mountainous areas and it will be dark at 18:30 (night temperature between (- 5ºC +5ºC)
    April to June is the ideal time to do this route.

    Good luck

  • Foto van damo010

    damo010 27-sep-2019

    Hi Kok_81,

    Yeah that was what I'm worried about, just how cold in the depths of the nights in the mountains!

    Not sure if I will hold off till April or just give it a go with the free time I have.

    thanks D

  • Foto van biketrips.be

    biketrips.be 27-sep-2019

    Hello Damo,

    In winter it will certainly be cold,
    but the biggest difficulty would probably be the dirt tracks that will turn into a sticky mud when it rains or snows...

  • Foto van damo010

    damo010 29-sep-2019


    Good point about the mud, I will leave it until next year for better weather.

    It looks a great trip and your video was great too :-)

    All the best.

  • quentinLL 10-feb-2020

    Hello, I am French and I am very interested in riding this track. My biggest problem is "how to go to the beginning point".
    I would leave my car at the finish point. Are there trains or buses that i can take with my bike, to Gibraltar ?

    Other question : how many litres of water do you recomend ? (Desert...)

    Thanks so much