570 m
324 m
43,48 km

670 maal bekeken, 39 maal gedownload

nabij Francorchamps, Walloon (Belgique)

Mooie tocht, onderschat door velen. Zaten mooie stukken single track in en enkele leuke afdalingen


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  • Foto van ffox367

    ffox367 5-okt-2014

    I did this trail.

    Really enjoyed it it was physical and technic and had the chance to see some beautiful landscape.

    Thx for the track.

  • WouterN 4-aug-2017

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Adventurous ride to say the least, almost no easy rolling sections on this one.
    First 25 km are very hard, especially after some rain fell right before i started, the rocky climbs/descents were pretty slippery. Then you get around 10 km on slightly 'better' trails. After that its almost a continuous climb to the end...
    Enjoyed the technical single trails and descents.
    However....i guestimate that around 35% of this track is on private property, you can get through (if you want) but on some of these sections the road is literally gone. One part i ended up waist deep in thorny bushes with my bike above my head, not really enjoyable :) Some roads have also been completely destroyed by logging activities, i hiked a few sections just to get through them.
    Had a blast but cant really recommend it due to the private sections...

  • Raphell 5-jul-2018

    Ik heb deze vandaag gereden. Nou MIchel het is beter dat je deze route verwijdert. Sommige paden zijn compleet verdwenen door boskap en veel prive . 7 km voor het einde na slagboom pal omhoog daar is helemaal geen pad meer. Sommige paden zijn helemaal dichtgegroeid. Ik zag bordjes van TT 1/7/18 die was misschien beter geweest maar kan ik hem nergens op internet vinden.