• Foto van 2016 Greatest Train Race 32km
  • Foto van 2016 Greatest Train Race 32km
  • Foto van 2016 Greatest Train Race 32km

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1.531 m
1.362 m
31,88 km

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nabij Lynnville, Mpumalanga (Republic of South Africa)

If you want to do your first 32km or a PB then this is the race for you. The weather was also in favour on race day. The waterpoints are well stocked and maybe too frequent. Some of them seemed very close to each other. Middelburg is lower than Witbank so you going downhill most of the time, although from about 14km to 20km you climb to the highest point. Once you pass the communication tower it is then flat and gentle running down to the finish. There is a slight bump in the last kilometer to get into the stadium.
There is a 15km that starts about 17km into the 32km. About 2800 people participated in these two races.
There is a relay at the finish venue with over 16000 participants.
There are stalls at the finish that sell food and drinks.
It is worth making the trip out to Witbank.

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    Redshift3 29-sep-2016

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Awesome run, rather an early start as we drove up from Nelspruit on the same morning.