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nabij Umegaoka, Tokyo (Japan)

Hanegi Park is one of the most well-known urban parks in Setagaya ward in Tokyo. It is relatively large park for Setagaya residents and is popular place for viewing plum and cherry blossoms. I visited this park in the midst of Setagaya Ume-matsuri on February 24, 2019. It is good for family visitors but not for exercise walkers, let alone serious joggers who prep for coming Tokyo Marathon because the trail is clogged with lots of people for stands along the course. The course has distance marks for each 100 meter point. This is also confusing for long distance runners because if you run long distance exceeding 1 kilometer you need your own mark for 1, 2, 3..5 kilo points.
1 kilometer one lap+370m
2 kilometers three laps+110m
As far as you are quick with numbers you can get accustomed to this issue, I hope.
Another note is that even in such festival season I encountered few people at the woody area with a bunch of slopes. Joggers seem to prefer this area of the park close to "play-park" section.

Zero Point/Goal

The start of this 630-meter circuit is located close to the northern part of the park close to the children's playground. Facing south are two baseball fields. From there the course goes counter clockwise.

Fitness Playground

As you are going round the first corner you will see the fitness park with children's gymnastic bars, monkey bars with straps and a wide variety of fitness equipment for adults and children.

100-meter mark

I made two time trials for this course and in both trials the first 100 meter was easy and I could pass it within one minute.

Cherry Avenue

Between 100 and 200-meter marks there is a broad passage which could be misleading. This avenue could be a great place to view cherry blossoms during early April. If you do not care about distance marks escaping the route to jog around here could be an option.

200-meter mark

I could not find this mark at first trial because it was hidden by the stands for the festival.

Southwestern Corner

A lot of people were around the corner enjoying the plum blossoms. That caused the lagging pace. More than 4 minutes at first trial, 3 minutes at second trial.

300-meter mark

Again I could not find it at first trial.

400-meter mark and Play-park

400-meter mark is close to a dirt playground named as "Hanagi Playpark".

500-meter mark

From 400 to 500-meter mark is a good place to catch up the lagging pace. I picked up paces at second trial and passed it around 5 minutes 20 seconds.

600-meter mark

At second trial I passed it 6'18"


My goal was to finished it within 7 minutes and I finished with 6'33". Not that bad considering the crowds between 150 to 300 meter points. Next time I will challenge it I will finish within 6 minutes.

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