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in de buurt Zug, Kanton Zug (Switzerland)

This is possibly the fastest route between Zug and Zürich (other than roadside running)

It follows almost exclusively walking paths (Wanderwege). It is probably 50% asphalt 50% well groomed soft trails.

The route follows the Lorze river up from the Zugersee to Baar. It then follows the walking paths to Sihlbrugg. At the Silhbrugg road crossing it starts a very flat and scenic scenic riverside run called the Sihluferweg (the path of the Sihl river bank). The last 8-10 kms approaching Zürich are not as nice as the beginning given that the area is more built up. It is extremely easy to follow. Follow close to the river and always stay on the right side of the river (starting in Zug, left if you start in Zürich). Never cross to the other side.

It is positively surprising how little traffic/pollution affects the route even though it tracks the old road between Zug and Zürich and a major railway line. The Sihl river separates the walking path and one can hardly hear the cars.

Like the path to Luzern from Zug following the Reuss river it is a flat path and good for long fast-ish runs.

I did not classify as a trail run, though half of it goes through trails because it is a path for which standard road shoes will be sufficient even in wet conditions.

A prettier but longer run from Zug to Zürich will be through the Albis chain (http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=9357219)

If you are running to Zürich trainstation you will need to add one extra kilometre.

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