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nabij Höfle, Vorarlberg (Austria)

This is a long hard Hike / via Ferrate. It will take you around 9 hours so go early on a good day and take a lot of water. (we took 2 litres each)

Starting at Höfle - Wildental bus stop we headed for Innere Wiesaple 1298 and then Fluchtaple 1390. Here you take a choice which direction to do the Via Ferrate in when you reach the top. We went clockwise. In the distance from here you can see the mountain range you will be climbing and a spectacular waterfall.

The way up will be hard whichever way you go. We were pleasantly surprised to find the hut at Fiderepasshutte open and selling beer :)

A short walk from here you see the sign saying 5 hours to Mindelheimer Huttle over 3.5 hours of this is on Via Ferrate which is why it takes so long.

The Via Ferrata is mostly technically not difficult although there is a big feeling of exposure. The route is graded B with one section of C. I think the C was a short inverse ladder right at the beginning. You will need to be physically fit, have a good head for heights, have the right gear (helmet, harness, via Feratta lanyard) to do this. Once you are on, there are no early escape routes so you will need to stick with it. The route is easy to follow.

The stats on recorded by wikiloc didn't measure the climbing aspect. we did 9 hours moving and 30 mins resting. It is a circular but it took so long we missed our last bus home so needed to walk further.

This was a fantastic experience and you should do it if able. Also consider staying in one of the huts. We met a local who recommended the Mindelheimer hut as it had excellent food.