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nabij Barbate de Franco, Andalucía (España)

For this beautiful walk we parked the car in the car park situated at the A-2233, an official entrance to the Parque Natural de la Breña Y Marismas Del Barbate.

From this entrance you could take the shortest way to the extraordinary viewpoint of Torre de Tajo, indicated by a signpost, but we made a longer walk.

During the first 6 kilometres we walked through a wooded pine tree landscape at a height of about 95 metres in the direction of Los Caños de Meca and once you get to the ridge of the hill you will have splendid views of the village, Cabo Trafalgar, and the part of the hill with the Mirador Trafalgar and the Torre de Meca.

From there we took a sharp turn left and embarked on a steep descent, for a great part through sand, and reached the signposted footpath Acantillado Los Caños de Meca- Barbate.

You can choose your way here among all the small footpaths that lead towards the sea and beautiful views of the cliffs and the ocean but eventually you will have to go higher again to reach the signposted footpath (white-green). Once you reach a height of about 90 metres again the footpath will become firmer and after a few kilometres you will see the Torre de Tajo from which there are a number of outstanding views.

It is really worthwhile here to go to the path that runs along the cliff and enjoy the all around views.

Continuing our walk, the path gradually descends all the time giving superb views on Barbate, its harbour, the ocean, the coast and the mountains inland. While going down the cliff face on your left will become steeper and higher which definitely gives an extra touch to the beauty of this walk.

Once we reached a fork on the path we took the left side and about 800 metres further on on this path we took a mountainbike path to the left which took us straight to the carpark. This part of the walk is very attractive too, also still giving you glimpses of the ocean.

Parking place near Torre del Tajo

This is a parking place for more or less 20 cars.


View on the ocean.


View on Cabo Trafalgar.

Sendero del Ancatilado

The beginning of the coastal path.

Torre de Tajo

From here there are beautiful views.

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  • Barbara Friedrike 15-apr-2018

    A very beautiful path, thank you. I enjoyed it thoroughly. First the beautiful pinewood, followed by breathtaking vistas, truly marvelous. I did it in April, when all the flowers are in full bloom. 😊 😊 😊