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nabij Almáchar, Andalucía (España)

Iniciamos nuestra ruta desde el Puente Forfe cruzándolo y tomaremos a la derecha su carril siguiendo cauce río arriba. Pasamos por fuente Las Pozuelas y continuamos hasta llegar casi a su nacimiento donde nos desviamos a la izquierda por Cuesta Valerio. Subiendo podemos ir disfrutando de las montañas con sus vistas de lagares y paseros.
Llegaremos poco después al Cerro Acebuchal con su punto más alto de 531 m.
Continuamos por Loma Gorda con vistas a pueblos como Macharaviaya, Iznate y Comares enlazando poco después con la ruta de Cerro Patarra bajando hasta llegar al punto de inicio desde el Puente El Forfe concluyendo nuestra ruta.










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    Buffalowind 4-apr-2015

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    I have marked this route down for "information" as the route itself (as downloaded by me today) is incorrect. Also, marked down "easy to follow", because without a GPS, I may have gone off route in two or three places. Don't let this put you off. It's a great route. Honest!! :-) Read on:-
    This is an excellent route, however, the route here is NOT the route on the ground. You CAN follow this route, to return to Almachar, however, if you are also intending to do the Cerro Patarra route, the last part of the route is the same. Follow the signposts for Acebuchal to find the original route, which I found very good, although you DO end up back in the riverbed for part of the return.
    The signposts for this route are very good, but the trail is not always obvious, so follow the signs explicitly and you will find the route. A couple of bits that were not a well worn path were a bit of a challenge, but you pick up the signs on the other side if you are correct.
    This route as per the GPX file is 8.0 Kms. The route as per the signposts on the ground is 10.2 Kms. That's what I and the dogs did.
    Additional note. The only real climb is about 20-30 minutes at the end of the river (4 Kms). Kids would love the first (river) part if the water is running and you let them splash and play. Just turn around at 4Kms, as the track ascends?
    If you want to climb Cerro Acebuchal itself, my advice is to go past the hill on the main track and then turn back yourself, on a (sort of) track to the right. Go past the hill and the ascent is easy enough for kids to do, rather the front ascent, which is through grape vines and a very steep hill.
    Hope this helps. Sorry it's not in Spanish, but you can use Google translate? Have fun!!