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Geüpload 1 november 2017

Uitgevoerd november 2017

401 m
242 m
6,35 km

215 maal bekeken, 4 maal gedownload

nabij Ollomont, Wallonia (Belgique)

This is a combination of two routes: the blue marked "François Remy" and the red marked route number 10.

The trail offers beautiful vistas and is very diverse.

After 600 metres on a dirt road we turned right. From there we had beautiful views on rocks facing Ourthe. At km 1, we did a detour on a small path to climb the rocks, and then back and uphill.

At the left end of a parking next to an observation tower we continued on a small path into forest (km 1.5).

At km 3.1, we ceased to follow the blue marked route. We turned left into rue de Hérou, and then directly afterwards, next to a chapel, right into a street going down. After few hundred metres we arrived to the village of Ollomont.

At km 3.6 we left asphalt road: we took a small path on the right (red marked route number 10). It was going behind gardens and down a small valley with a stream.

At km 4.1 we reached Ourthe. We turned right and continued on a path along the river. At km 5.3 we turned slightly to the right on a dirt road, which took us uphill to our point of departure.
  • Foto van Ese Nouette
Intersection of red and blue (FR) trail
  • Foto van Point de vue François Remy