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nabij Arure, Canarias (España)

An easy walk from the village of Arure via the national park Garajonay so lots of shade on a sunny day. Usually that part will have a lot of fog. We went to Raso de la Bruma next to the road. There we started followeing GR 131 down direction Vallehermoso to find the mirador as indicated on the sign but we didn’t find it so went back the 131 in the other direction to continue to Los Creces. From there on we continued to Las Hayas, just outside the park. The village has 2 bars/restaurants so time for a refresher. From there back to Arure. We followed the road ‘Arure via Quintana’ partly on tarmac and in the thicket to arrive back in the valley of Arure with lots of palm trees and cactuses. Nice and easy walk.