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nabij Beaufort, Grevenmacher (Lëtzebuerg)

This hiking trip is almost the entire promenade ‘B1 Beaufort’ with a small detour at the end. Actually, it is easier to do the track in reverse (and follow the official promenade) because the signs on this tour are only placed in one direction. You can find parking space in front of the Castle of Beaufort or some alternative parking spaces on the track (see waypoints on map) We start our tour following a small river, on many occasions you cross this river on small wooden bridges. To the left and right you can observe large rock formations. After the track crossed the main road, where you will find alternative parking space and a wooden hut where you can take a break, the path takes us to some beautiful viewpoints. The track continues through the majestic beech forests, sometimes you have to use small wooden stairs. There are more benches on this track than the wayoints i have put on the map because of the limitation of wayponits.
Château de Beaufort Beaufort, Commune Beaufort, LUX
parkeerplaats Beaufort, Commune Beaufort, LUX
parkeerplaats Grundhof, Commune Beaufort, LUX