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Moeilijkheidsgraad   Middelmatig

Moving time  2 uur 42 minuten

Tijd  3 uur 34 minuten

Coördinaten 1960

Geüpload 3 februari 2018

Uitgevoerd februari 2018

357 m
209 m
11,18 km

96 maal bekeken, 2 maal gedownload

nabij Bouillon, Wallonia (Belgique)

Combination of a few marked routes in the Bouillon area. Basically, we did the loop trail nr 7 with a detour halfway to go to the Tombau du Geant. We started with trail 7 for a few kms and then continued with GR16 along the Semois river. When reaching the Tombeau du Geant, we climbed up for the view point at Botassart (GR16 or trail 4). We then went down with trail 5 and picked up again GR back to the intersection with trail 7. Unfortunately, here we lost the battery on the phone so we were unable to track the final bit of the route: 3.3km with trail 7 going up the hill until Belvedere and then a sharp descent back to Bouillon.
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