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  • Foto van Braslas ieži
  • Foto van Braslas ieži
  • Foto van Braslas ieži
  • Foto van Braslas ieži

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84 m
15 m
16,09 km

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in de buurt Brasla, Pārgaujas (Latvijas Republika)

Follow dirt road to the right, 200m from the start. First few kilometers before the dam are the best. Cross the river at the dam.

After that it becomes pretty hard to follow the river, the forest is too dense in most places, and there are almost no paths.

Follow the road going uphill from the dam. In some places you can go down to the river, but the going is hard.

Then you arrive to electric line bear Slūnu iezis. It becomes even harder to follow the river after that. But you can make a little loop and return to the river near Buļu iezis. Great views from both.

After Buļu iezis I suggest you look for the way out. We tried to return to the river, it was impossible.

2 opmerkingen

  • Foto van Vladimir Sokolov

    Vladimir Sokolov 30-okt-2018

    Thank you for the trail! Have done these hikings in autumn and in winter times. Amazing frozen waterfalls

  • Ints Skaldis 8-nov-2020

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Really nice trail with beautiful views. In rainy weather a lot of mud.