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in de buurt Cactus City, California (United States)

One of the best hikes in Mecca.

Hike in the canyon to the right, not the one with the END sign.
On the right hand side of the canyon there is a sign, directing left towards the ladder canyon.
There will probably be a huge arrow on the canyon floor.

Hike up the trail along the boulders.
Hike up a couple of small and longer ladders.
An impressive slot canyon that is wide enough to hike in, without hitting the walls.

Follow the canyon all the way up, until the trail leads out of the canyon on a well defined trail on the left.

On top, keep on hiking uphill in the direction of the towers.
Eventually the trail leads down, and you can see the trail leading into the Big Painted Canyon on the right.

Hike downhill in the wash.
Two more ladders and back to the car.

The pictures

How to get here:
Drive in the Painted Canyon Road in Mecca.
This is a 4x4 road, but it can be used by any car when dry, most of the time.
Drive for over 4 miles and park 200 yards before the sign END.




X Ladder

X Ladder





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    Port flora 7-dec-2019

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  geverifieerd  Bekijk in detail

    Great hike, fairly easy to follow. Best done in this direction (clockwise) with the toughest parts at the beginning. Not for everyone, there are some difficult portions. But very pretty and some great views when you get on top.