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nabij Ban Xiangmèn, Louangphabang (Laotia)

Very easy short circle walk on the other Mekong River side of Luang Prabang. Its a nice way to escape Luang Prabang’s touristic center for a short walk. It feels further away than it actually is. Take the ferry to the other side (10000 KIP) and just start walking. Just a bit up the road don’t miss the path on the right. There is a few intersections but non of them will get you lost. Bring some small money for tickets on the way. (20000 KIP). The up and downs here must be a gps error. Its been pretty flat.
Point of arrival with view on Luang Prabang
Follow the path to the right here.
10000 per person
Stay on the bigger path.
No one was here when we passed.
Stay on the main path.
Looking back.
Right leads to Wat Long Khoun
Just straight.
Back in the village
The ferry that brings you back. There is two. So you will never have to wait for long.