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nabij Tartane, Martinique (Martinique)

This was an easy to find, well marked (except for one spot) trail that offered two options, and a few "short cuts". Of the two main trails, one was to head West along the shore... round trip on the same trail. We did not do this one. The other was a loop heading West short way to the trailhead, then east and looping back to the West. This is the one we did.
The trail offers many downs and ups, some stairs, some tree roots defining the steps... The trail takes you through wooded areas, along beaches, through mangroves, and through grasses.
The only poorly marked area due to not being groomed enough to see the markings... is on the upper section as you are heading back to the parking area. (See photo) There is a section you need to take a right, if not, you will be at the road.
Lovely hike, not difficult, not long!