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in de buurt Roquefeuil, Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées (France)

This is a very lovely walk, indeed !, giving you almost all the time superb views over the plains that Roquefeuil and villages like Belcaire, Belvis, and Espezel are situated in at a height of more or less 1000 metres.

The view from the Pic du Midi, 1160m., is superb, supplying an all around panorama with at the top an orientation table showing all the relevant peaks that you see around you and far beyond.

There is enough space to park your car on the green that lies adjacent to a big pond with a fountain, at the end of the village. This point is a haven of quietude: no sounds of industy, traffic, or airplanes, just the overwhelming presence of nature.

We started the walk at an information panel with info about many more walking possibilities and after a small detour through the village we went up a rather steep road that takes you alongside Les Pujals, a rather characteristic rock formation.

At a height of about 1060 metres, the Col d'Ubi, we took a sharp turn to the right and followed the indicated signs to the Pic du Midi. All of this is easy walking very often in the shade of the trees, all the way to the Pic du Midi.

From this Pic the views are superb abd there even is a small tree bench in the shade.

After the Pic du Midi the track goes south-west and you go down, but also up sometimes again, from 1160 to 1020 metres until you reach the road.

If you turn right here you can make a short cut back to Rocquefeuil, but the second part of this walk, to the Col de Sarrasis and its Pic is worth doing. This climb is steeper, however, and there is less shade but you will be rewarded with beautiful views while going up.

The Pic de Sarrasis, 1060m., also gives you a beautiful view of the village of Rockefeuil iself from a big, open field.

After that the going is gentle and soon you will reach a wide track that leads you back to the village.

Info panel

Beginning of the walk.

Col d'Ubi 1062m.


View on Rockefeuil


Pic du Midi 1170m.

360 Panorama Info Panel picknick bench in shade

To the right short cut to Rocl


Picknickfield Pic de Sarrasis

Beautiful view on Rockefeuiland beyond

Pic de Sarasis