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nabij Cómpeta, Andalucía (España)

Paths are good but it's a long hike, so graded it difficult.
If your looking for high mountain that is rarely climbed, look no further, this will do nicely.
Route: From the football stadium high up in Cómpeta take the GR249 all the way to Puerto Blanquillo,
passing Venta Pradillos on the way. From Puerto Blanquillo take the path going off upwards to your right and follow this up to Puerto de Cómpeta. Walk down passing the quarry and keep to the left hand dirt road which goes up gradually with views of Lucero across the valley to your right.
Eventually the dirt road turns left and keeps going up through some delightful forest action, just keep following this dirt road through a gate and into a baron landscape.
Just head for the summit with the green shed on it by whichever way is best as there is no discerning path.
You can shorten your return journey by coming down the fire break back to Puerto Compete after which just retrace your steps to Cómpeta.