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nabij Real, Valencia (España)

The longest part of this coastal walk is easy and pleasant along a part of the coast that is still mainly Spanish.

There are a few little restaurants where you can have something to drink or eat and enjoy the view.

After passing the last restaurant of Les Rotes the track to Cova Tallada follows the road and after the last houses situated on the coast here, in the first bend of the road the coastal path will lead you to the cOva Tallada.

It is not a difficult path and at places where it is really steep stairs have been made to help you with your footing. At a few places there are chains to steady yourself, but for most people they will not really be necessary if you do this walk under calm weather circumstances.

In order to get into the cave you will need to decsned another number of stone steps whre a chain will help you and after that you are in the first part of the cove and depending of the level of water and the wetness you can go much further than we did.

From this cove the yellow/white marked track goes up to 160 metres to a junction where you can turn NNE to follow a track that will lead you to the Torre del Gerro and then down to Les Rotes, but we went back the same track to enjoy the views from another directon.

Obviously, more than nine kilometres of this walk are 'easy', it is only the stretch of the coastal path that makes this walk moderate.
Microreserva de flora
View Torre de Gerro
There is a public parking place here.